Guidance Resources

Children face a variety of issues in our world today. Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to help children overcome these obstacles in order to help them be successful. However, sometimes as adults we also need direction in knowing how to help those we love. Here is a list of websites to explore. These websites include information about personal/social, academic, mental health, parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, information on bullying, and career options. These are great resources for students and their families!

Mo Connections                        

Empowering Parents                 


Pike Lincoln Tech        

Parenting Teens Online             

Behavioral Health Response       

National Parent Helpline        

Facebook Safety Center        

NIDA for Teens          

Stand for the Silent        

Stop Bullying                        

Common Sense Media    

Substance Abuse/Addiction       

Advanced Recovery Systems    

Guide to Parenting Resources     

Safe and Sober Parent Program 

Cybersmile Foundation